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Radiologic Technologist or Mammographer

Latest Update: December 22, 2023

Training Information

Responsible Party

Who Must Complete Training?
An employee who operates a radiation producing machines, including Mammography, must be registered and licensed with the Nevada Radiation Control Program.


When Do I Need to Complete?
Licensure and certification due upon hire.


How Do I Get Trained?
File and obtain either a license or registration certificate (depending on qualifications and grandfathering status) at the Nevada Radiation Control Program online site: https://nvrcp.aithent.com/LoginRadiation.aspx

Contact Information

675 Fairview Drive, Suite 218 Carson City. NV 89701 Phone: (775) 687-7550 Fax: (775) 687-7552 Email:radiationcontrolprogram@health.nv.gov


The legal mandate requiring reporting

NAC 653.100  Issuance of license to engage in radiation therapy and radiologic imaging. (NRS 653.460)  For the purpose of subsection 1 of NRS 653.510, the Division may issue a license to engage in radiation therapy and radiologic imaging to a person who is certified pursuant to subsection 2 of NRS 653.510, and who has successfully completed an educational program accredited by:

     1.  A regional accrediting agency, as recognized by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists; or

     2.  The Conjoint Accreditation Services of the Canadian Medical Association or its successor organization.

     (Added to NAC by Bd. of Health by R074-19, eff. 6-8-2020)

NAC 457.299  Requirements for approval of applications for certificates for machines and mammographer’s certificates. (NRS 457.065457.183457.184)

     1.  Except as otherwise provided in subsection 2, the Division shall approve an application for a certificate for a machine or an application for a mammographer’s certificate if it determines that:

     (a) The applicant has the training and experience required to conduct mammography pursuant to the provisions of NAC 457.200 to 457.445, inclusive;

     (b) The applicant has complied with any applicable requirements pursuant to NAC 457.200 to 457.445, inclusive; and

     (c) In addition to the requirements of paragraphs (a) and (b), if the applicant is applying for a certificate for a machine:

          (1) The equipment, facilities and procedures which the applicant proposes to use are adequate to minimize any danger to the public health or safety;

          (2) A certificate for that machine is not currently issued to another owner, lessee or other responsible person; and

          (3) The applicant is one person or corporate entity.

     2.  If the applicant held a certificate for a machine issued by the Division or by the appropriate agency in another jurisdiction and the certificate was revoked or the holder of the certificate was found to have committed a violation of a regulation relating to public health or safety which the Division determines to be significant, the Division shall not issue a certificate for a machine or a mammographer’s certificate to the applicant.

     (Added to NAC by Bd. of Health, eff. 7-7-94; A by R033-06, 6-28-2006)

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Although many of these requirements apply to individual medical professionals and other types of hospitals and health care facilities, the information is presented solely to support Critical Access Hospitals. The reporting requirements and legal mandates on this site are not an exhaustive list and Nevada Rural Hospital Partners, Inc. bears no responsibility or liability for any hospitals' or providers' failure to comply with Federal or State laws or regulations.