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Adverse Reaction to Vaccines (VAERS)

Healthcare providers are required by law to report to VAERS: Any adverse event listed in the VAERS Table of Reportable Events Following Vaccination that occurs within the specified time period after vaccination An adverse event listed by the vaccine manufacturer as a contraindication to further doses of the vaccine Healthcare providers are strongly encouraged to report: Any […]

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COVID-19 Vaccine Aggregate DataENDED 

***This reporting requirement ended on 4/7/21.*** Facilities administering the COVID-19 vaccine will need to enter certain aggregate and other information into the REDCap system in addition to the data entered into WebIZ. More information will be posted here as it becomes available.

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MBQIP - HCP/IMM-3: Influenza Vaccination Among Healthcare Personnel

(Note: Formerly OP-27) Part of the Medicare Beneficiary Quality Improvement Project (MBQIP), within the Patient Safety/Inpatient domain, CAHs must report on the influenza vaccination data for HCP physically working in the inpatient and outpatient hospital units for at least one working day between October 1 through March 31, regardless of clinical responsibility or patient contact. […]

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COVID-19 vaccine supply must be entered into VaccineFinder by all registered providers on a daily basis. Once there is widespread availability of the vaccine, the system will help the public search for provider locations offering vaccination near them.

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WebIZ (Immunization Information System) (IIS)

Any provider who administers any immunization to a child or adult shall report information concerning the person and the immunization provided to the Department for inclusion in the Immunization Information System (WebIZ).

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Although many of these requirements apply to individual medical professionals and other types of hospitals and health care facilities, the information is presented solely to support Critical Access Hospitals. The reporting requirements and legal mandates on this site are not an exhaustive list and Nevada Rural Hospital Partners, Inc. bears no responsibility or liability for any hospitals' or providers' failure to comply with Federal or State laws or regulations.