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Latest Update: August 11, 2020

Reporting Information

Physician or member of staff must report each abortion performed.


When Do I Report?

On occurrence


How Do I Report?

Vital Statistics via recommended form


The legal mandate requiring reporting

NRS 442.260  Division to adopt regulations governing performance and reporting of abortions.

      1.  The Division shall adopt and enforce regulations governing the conditions under and the methods by which abortions may be performed, the reasonable minimum qualifications of a person authorized to provide the information required in NRS 442.253, as well as all other aspects pertaining to the performance of abortions pursuant to NRS 442.250.

      2.  The Division shall adopt and enforce regulations for a system for reporting abortions. This system must be designed to preserve confidentiality of information on the identity of women upon whom abortions are performed. The Division may require that the following items be reported for each abortion:

      (a) The date of the abortion;

      (b) The place of the abortion including the city, county and state;

      (c) The type of facility;

      (d) The usual residence of the woman, including the city, county and state;

      (e) Her age;

      (f) Her ethnic group or race;

      (g) Her marital status;

      (h) The number of previous live births;

      (i) The number of previous induced abortions;

      (j) The duration of her pregnancy, as measured from first day of last normal menses to date of abortion, and as estimated by uterine size prior to performance of the abortion;

      (k) The type of abortion procedure; and

      (l) If a woman has had a previously induced abortion, the information in paragraphs (a) to (k), inclusive, or as much thereof as can be reasonably obtained, for each previous abortion.

      3.  The Division may adopt regulations to permit studies of individual cases of abortion, but these studies must not be permitted unless:

      (a) Absolute assurance is provided that confidentiality of information on the persons involved will be preserved;

      (b) Informed consent of each person involved in the study is obtained in writing;

      (c) The study is conducted according to established standards and ethics; and

      (d) The study is related to problems of health and has scientific merit with regard to both design and the importance of the problems to be solved.

      (Added to NRS by 1973, 1638; A 1973, 14061985, 23102013, 3050)

NAC 442.200  Reports. 

     1.  A form for reporting an abortion must be completed by the physician or the physician’s staff for each abortion performed. The contents of the form must be substantially the same as the standard recommended by the National Center for Health Statistics of the United States Public Health Services.

     2.  The form must be completed in duplicate. The original must be sent to the section of Vital Statistics of the Division of Public and Behavioral Health of the Department of Health and Human Services.

     3.  Only the physician may retain information identifying the patient by name.

     [Bd. of Health, Abortion Reg. §§ 10.0-12.0, eff. 12-1-72; A and renumbered as §§ 3.1-3.3, 2-24-78]

Although many of these requirements apply to individual medical professionals and other types of hospitals and health care facilities, the information is presented solely to support Critical Access Hospitals. The reporting requirements and legal mandates on this site are not an exhaustive list and Nevada Rural Hospital Partners, Inc. bears no responsibility or liability for any hospitals' or providers' failure to comply with Federal or State laws or regulations.